Abby, 25
Data Analyst
El Salvador/Utah

My grandpa was a migrant worker most of his life. He came to California and picked produce before there were any border regulations. He used to drive past the border with no problem, pick produce, and walk back home.

I remember being six or seven and finding out that my Papi had just gotten his citizenship, and my parents seemed relieved. He was waiting for his citizenship since before he met my mom. 

My mom always had two or three jobs just to get me into a good school, and my dad worked from morning until night so that my brother could do sports in school, and I could be involved in after-school programs. Also so they could buy all the American Girl books I loved — I have always considered myself an American girl, I've never had another home-country. 

Some of my earliest memories were with my parents, while they cleaned for businesses after they got home from their second or third jobs. I don't believe they slept very much.

My mom and dad, my grandpa, my aunts and uncles, have all sown their lifeblood into this country. We've sacrificed, we've struggled, we've been wronged, we've persevered. And then we see Trump on television, and he boils us down to felons and offenders.

Because of Trump, a majority of people I know believe that because of where me and my family come from, we do not deserve to be in America. Trump’s statements about about "anchor babies" and his comments about Latino immigrants makes our existence feel precarious.

There are so many of us who are villainized because we do not fit into the mold.

It has been suffocating and disappointing to become scapegoats for their problems in our country. 


Every single aspect of my life is being threatened by the current GOP candidacy.