Alexandra, 36
New York

As a scientist, the idea of a Trump presidency terrifies me. My job is to protect public health by combating a myriad of diseases and health threats that are only getting worse in the face of global warming. 

Government policy either supports us as scientists, or restricts us with red tape to the point we lack the time, permission, or funding to do our jobs. The first step to synergism between the scientific community and government policy is agreeing that there is a problem. 

Trump's positions on scientific issues shows his inability to understand the severity of the problems at hand and an unwillingness to try. He dismisses climate change as a hoax.

It is clear that under a Trump presidency scientific funding will suffer and so will the ability of the scientific community to protect the public.


As a woman in science, I've had to work incredibly hard, at times harder than my male colleagues to earn the same amount of respect. I see Hillary having to do that in this election. 

It's frustrating to realize that some male voters would still rather chose an unqualified male over a woman for president. 

I've been waiting my entire life for the day when a woman could become president. I'll admit that Hillary is not exactly the revolutionary heroine I envisioned. She is nominally part of the establishment and inherently embroiled in its scandals, making her hard for me to trust completely. Perhaps I want perfection because I feel like the first female president reflects on me as woman? 

I was behind Bernie at the beginning of this election, clearly he is no longer an option. However I do feel like his integrity and his campaign's surprise success influenced Hillary along the way and changed her voice and views in a way I can appreciate. 

I'd love us to make this year the historical high for female voter turnout, because regardless of who wins, men need to know we are a force to be reckoned with.