Alysia, 24


I'm made of 11 different ethnicities. Eleven. So so so many things had to come together, had to be allowed to come together, to create me. In this election, there's a very real possibility that someone could win whose primary platform is keeping people apart. 

The rise of hateful language toward people like me has skyrocketed. This election has really given a platform for hateful voices and opinions, which I actually think is a good thing. We need to be able to talk about, to see these opinions if we're going to address them, engage in a dialogue with them. 

For those who are wondering how to "be an ally," for those wondering how to "be a part of the solution", and "find a voice" and "help out,” this election is the platform for them to help make a difference.


Sexism is still a very real problem, but because previous waves of feminism had tangible, binary goals to work toward — having the right to vote vs. not having the right to vote — while this third wave has less visible, binary inequalities to fight against — microaggressions, patterns of toxic masculinity, et cetera—it's more difficult to bring awareness to inequality. 

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries, because he more closely aligned with my personal beliefs. But after the primaries, I was committed to Hillary. She is the most qualified candidate for president we've ever had.