Amulya, 24
UX Designer

So ok, I understand all the arguments about it not being feminist to choose Hillary simply because she's a woman. I get that. But I cannot even imagine a woman president—my mind cannot extend that far.

Oof, it's been quite horrifying to talk to people in the Hindu community who are using Trump's rhetoric to bolster their bigoted views about Muslims. I see how the things he says affects our society at large, but it's been particularly interesting to see how it has affected the communities closer to me.

When I speak out with certain people, especially extended family, I'm seen as brash, arrogant, and overconfident. When I see people around me speak out more publicly, on Twitter, they receive abuse. It's terrifying to speak out, and honestly, there's a lot of emotional turmoil you save yourself if you refrain.

I used to think feminism wasn't an issue, because I was convinced gender equality had been achieved.


As I started learning more about feminism, my world views have shifted on a number of other issues and I've become a lot more progressive.

Isn't that some fucked up shit, that as a high-achieving, feminist woman I can't bring myself to imagine a highly qualified, intelligent, and eloquent person taking the White House because she's a woman?