Anita, 48

Both my mother and I have been the victims of prejudice. She is a minority working woman, a PhD in Molecular Biology who could run circles around her colleagues. Yet at the biotech firm where she worked, they discriminated against her. She started her own company, and she still runs it at age 75.

I was teased for being Indian in my very upper middle class suburb of Detroit. Throughout my life on Wall Street, I was the victim of several sexual harassment situations, one of which made the news in New York City. 

This election has turned people into vile, angry human beings. Trump has started a movement of angry, misogynistic, racist people.

All of these things Trump stands for make me feel as though it will be accepted to once again treat women like this. I have two young daughters, and I do not want them to see this person as the representation of our country.

I think Hillary is a kickass doer who will change this country and turn it on its butt.