Anjarae, 30
General Manager

There are women that truly believe women shouldn't be in charge, working, doing anything outside of housework and baby rearing, still. Trust me, I'm from the South. It's insane.

I'm much more liberal than I used to be, as I've traveled and met more people. I have also come to terms with being a Christian liberal, and what that means on social issues.

Women are just as susceptible to the attitudes that exist in our society, and start to believe some of the unfair criticisms based on gender. I even caught myself critiquing Hillary’s hair during one of the debates with Bernie, but Bernie looked beyond disheveled and I didn't judge him for it. 

This election has shone an ugly spotlight on the gender issues that still pervade our society, in the same way Obama's presidency brought to light the racism simmering under political correctness.

I don't think this would even be a contest if Hillary had the same résumé and also had a penis.


We just had our first black president, and he did such an amazing job. It would be awesome to keep moving forward and breaking down barriers.