Becca, 30
Strategic Accounts Specialist


As a queer Jewish woman, I feel anxious and frightened that Donald Trump is even a candidate in this election.

Each painful debate has made me more and more terrified for the state of our country. Two years ago I was married to my wife, Hannah. One of my biggest concerns is that team Trump/Pence would take away our right to be married. Realistically I don’t think this would happen, but the fact that it concerns me and gives me nightmares makes it evident Trump is dangerous and his intentions are frightening.

It’s becoming more and more prevalent and popular to see women from diverse backgrounds have stronger voices. Maybe because I live in Oakland, which is a progressive bubble, almost all of my female friends and community has been actively vocal on getting Hillary in office. 

Women residing in more conservative parts of the country may not actually have the ability to speak up in favor of Hillary, because they do not have the privilege and access to comfortably articulate their thoughts.


It sickens me when I see Hillary being portrayed as not friendly or excitable. Before she won the Democratic nomination, I think it is safe to say we all knew she would get eaten up by mainstream media. 

Women aren't just attacked on our intelligence, we are also attacked on our: eye contact, speech pattern, how we eat, laugh, smile, dress, who we marry or date, our height, religion, et cetera. My hope is that Hillary Clinton and more female leaders will speak up about their experience in the public light in an effort to re-build the system.