Bruktaweit, 27
Health Care Strategy Consultant


The issues most pertinent to me and my communities are social issues tied directly to our identities — police brutality, mass incarceration, and income inequality. Simultaneously, we have a person running for President on the platform of building a wall to keep brown people out. It's jarring. 

It's been disturbing to see a person running for President who displays so little understanding or empathy for anyone other than himself, and people who look and think like him.

Trump has been so hateful toward immigrants, Muslims, and women, and has profited both financially and politically from discriminatory practices and slurs.

It's important for my personal safety, emotional health, and faith in my fellow Americans that he not be elected.


I've felt a loss of hope about the future, anxiety about what life will be like after the election, and disillusionment about who I thought we were as a society. 

Consider your concerns, and the red flags you see, even if it goes against your typical party lines.