Debbie, 49
Nurse Practitioner

As a woman, as an abortion provider, as a provider of Planned Parenthood services, this election is everything.

I have been a Hillary supporter since the beginning. But things have degenerated to a point I never would have dreamed. The thought of Trump in the White House is so scary for me as a woman and as a mother of boys. The idea of having to talk to my sons ongoingly about the level of misogyny, racism, xenophobia, et cetera in Trump's words after this election is over is horrifying.

I am fearful that this election could impact access to abortion and other crucial family planning and sexual and reproductive health services for women.


I am fearful that our children will grow up thinking that it's possible to hold views like Trump's and run for president.

The women I know are not hesitant. We are angry, and we are vocal, and we are not going away.

I am saddened that she has been portrayed as a calculating, cold bitch. I don't like that her husband's infidelities have been brought into the other side's arguments. I love her.