Dottie, 34
Veterans Advocate


Not 60 years ago, people fought and died for the right of black people to vote. With voter suppression and laws that will affect people of color disproportionately, like gun and drug laws, it's important that I get out there and make my voice heard. 

This election made me open up about an experience with military sexual trauma.

I stayed quiet for years, but hearing how some men were so cavalier about women's bodies, I finally shared my story. 


There are so many attacks on women this cycle. Putting yourself out there could mean getting your address and phone number tweeted, or worse, threats of physical harm. 

I don't think it's been fair. Every time Trump's infidelities have been brought, he brings up her husband's indiscretions. Bill Clinton isn't running for president. I'm not judging Trump’s wife's past actions to discredit him. It's not fair. 

Research on your own. Don't just base your choices on the debates, read materials from both sides. Avoid the tabloids. Research, research, research.