Eliza, 28
Radio Producer

As a woman who is generally quite vocal, I feel afraid to voice my opinions when it comes to politics, because I fear the response will be not just oppositional, but abusive.

I didn't talk about the times I was raped very much until this election. It's been scary to bring it up, but I've started talking with friends, with my husband, and with my therapist about it. Watching the second debate was especially triggering for me. Watching Trump stalk Hillary around the stage brought up PTSD I hadn't even experienced yet.

I never anticipated that politics, of all things, would come up in my therapy sessions. But here we are.


What's interesting is that Trump projects so much of his persona onto Hillary. His nickname for her — Crooked Hillary — is an accurate epithet for him. When he said that "she has so much hate in her heart," I couldn't help but laugh.

The thing that makes me the angriest is when people compare Trump to Hillary. It's not apples and oranges — it's apples and dumpster fires.