Elle, 34


This election is inspiring me to stand up and say enough. The hatred of women is not okay. And it is wrong. Nothing makes being hateful toward women okay — not politics, not popularity, not convenience, nothing.

Patriarchy discredits women by attacking their beauty, credibility, and sanity. Donald Trump uses all of these tactics. He says that "a woman who is flat chested is very hard to be a 10." This is absurd. Because to say that a woman must have large breasts in order to be a “10” is not only inaccurate, but also a source of hate and an obstacle to development for girls and women everywhere.

When I hear Donald Trump say that he would look a woman “right in that fat ugly face of hers…” I just imagine all of the young girls who have to hear this hate speech. What will they think about their own potential as a woman when they hear Trump say on TV that a woman down on her knees in front of him to give him oral sex “is a pretty picture?” Or when they see that Donald Trump mailed a newspaper columnist a copy of the author’s own article, circled her face and wrote, next to her photo, “The face of a dog.”

For the little girls everywhere, the only thing scarier than hearing this continual contempt for women is watching so many adults around them endorse it with their vote.


I grew up in conservative Texas making yard signs for Bush. But as I have woken up, my political thoughts have shifted. I voted for Bernie in the primaries. I am supporting Hillary now. 

The world I want to live in has no more war. No more nuclear anything. No more violence. No more degradation of women. Let's promote peace, understanding, and sharing across class, race, and religious backgrounds.