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I moved here from Moscow, Russia, where I lived under an authoritarian regime my whole life, as have my parents and grandparents. We know what it looks and feels like to have no freedom of speech, and to have hate crimes committed against you. My father is Jewish, so you know how much they don't like us there.

It scares me to see America flirt with that reality. Trust me, we don't want someone who is “a strongman,” and who “speaks his mind,” and “who is not politically correct." The world is nuanced, and we need someone nuanced and experienced to run it. I see how much is on the line, and I know what the alternative is like.

As a mom to a mixed-race child, I fear for his safety and wonder often how far things have to go in order for us to need to move. Trump's dog whistle has unleashed vigilantes and completely crazed individuals, and not only do I fear for my child's safety in that world, but I also don't want him to grow up in a country where his leadership holds these values.

Hillary is the first woman to ever come this far. Relative to other nations, we are seriously lagging in female leadership, which probably explains why we are trailing behind the developed world in support of women in general and working mothers in particular.

I wasn't a fan of Hillary at first, I must admit. I think I was probably brainwashed by the decades of right-wing propaganda. But as I got more engaged in the election during the Primaries, I actually realized that she was a far, far more qualified candidate than Bernie.

She has a proven track record of getting things done—and reaching across the aisle to do so, which is of extreme importance in a divided nation like ours. She has extensive international experience, and with all the unrest in the world, she is the only one I trust to actually solve problems diplomatically.

Regarding her likability—I don't even know where to go with that.

She's not running for Miss Congeniality, she's running for President of the Free World.