Evany, 46


I feel like I’m suffering from constant internet poisoning these days. Like when you have the flu and you spend 72 hours straight getting radiated by the blue flickering light of the television, and it feels like your life force is draining out into the couch cushions? Like that, but instead I’m ODing on 538 refreshes and Facebook debates and policy podcasts. 

Even if Hillary wins (oh please, oh please, oh please), we're still going to have an enraged group of Trump supporters on our hands, looking for an outlet for all that hate.

Hillary’s been the victim of unbalanced scrutiny for thirty-plus years. The problems facing our country are huge, and epicly complicated, and very few solutions to these kinds of problems are black and white. 

Working in that world as long as she has means she’s had to make impossible decisions where there are bad outcomes no matter what call she makes. She’s also had to navigate mundane things like juggling multiple email accounts, weathering the weight of an unfaithful husband, and smiling through the usual “smile more!” teardowns every woman gets out in the world.

The race has stayed so close for so long that it got to the point that I knew I’d regret not throwing my support out there, and I went public with my posts. That first “I’m with her” post of mine, I remember it giving me an actual thrill of fight-or-fight adrenaline. 

I mean, people I know are getting rape threats from views they've shared on Twitter. Sharing your point of view is no joke these days.


I wasn't always as into Hillary as I am now. When she was up against Obama, I remember saying "she just isn't very likeable." It’s been an uncomfortable process, as I’ve had to take a hard look at my own assumptions and realize there’s been some deep-steeped sexism operating from some dark cracks inside of me. Me! 

Turns out, and many studies have revealed, sometimes women are some of the worse culprits when it comes to failing to support other women.

We've never had a woman win the nomination of a major party before, never had a crazy ex-reality star junk-groper candidate before, never had 1.7-billion-strong Facebook emboldening people to voice shitty vitriol before. The combination of these three factors has created a whole new dangerous kind of animal, where people are taking e-swings at friends and family on a daily basis, fighting with and unfriending people they care about, left and right. This is the eighth presidential election I’ll be voting in, and I've never seen anything like it before.