Gina, 31

Since the death of Justice Scalia, we have already seen a number of SCOTUS cases that have been thrown back to the lower courts due to split decisions. The basic checks and balances of our system are in jeopardy under this model, and it's unspeakably dangerous.

I am upset about how many double binds I've seen placed on Hillary. Pundits wish she could smile or be warmer, but if she exudes any kind of maternal instinct or appears jovial, the same talking heads laugh at her or mock her.


I have found that so few women are willing to speak out about their support for Hillary. Because I have been vocal, I receive a lot of private messages and texts during debates or when a new, disturbing Trump allegation arises. I feel like I have the same private conversations with dozens of people and it's reassuring to me that I'm not alone; I assume it's also reassuring to them. I wish that we could all speak this way aloud, but I 100 percent understand why people don't.

Supporting Hillary in public becomes a full-time job. As a Hillary supporter and defender, I've received random messages and tags asking why and how I could support this candidate, from near-perfect strangers.

This election has lifted the bitterness I felt toward past Republican presidential candidates. I don't agree with their policy choices but I respect that a certain deference was expected, and maintained, in the past. I hope that we can return to that state beginning in the 2018 midterms.

It's clear to me—and so many women across the country and world—that Hillary represents the near-impossibility of trying to be an ambitious, driven woman.

I urge all women to think of a time when they have been misunderstood, misrepresented or underestimated in school or at work. A time when they have felt that their bodies were on display, or were being controlled or judged by a man or a group of men.

Think about having that experience every day for thirty-plus years and still wanting to do better for this country, to do right for women and children. That is who I believe Hillary Clinton is.