Heather, 48


I am absolutely thrilled to be able to vote for someone I admire to be the first woman president of the U.S. 

I really didn’t know I was going to see marriage equality and get married (and divorced), vote for the first Black President, and the first woman President in my lifetime.


I’ve learned a lot more about the critical role African-American women play in the electorate and I am so grateful for their leadership. They vote more than anyone else. And if HRC is the President, it will be because of African-American women.

It’s important every possible vote is cast to repudiate the hate of the GOP campaign. Basic safety and rights are at stake for so much of the country, including women, POC, immigrants and queer Americans.

The early GOP candidate rallies I saw for Trump were the closest thing I’ve seen in North America to what I know Jews went through in terms of street bullying in early Nazi Germany. I feel like Jewish folks owe a unique responsibility to Muslim folks living through the kind of stuff I know my grandparents’ generation lived through.

The core thrust of misogyny is the dismissal of women’s voices and experience. It’s the sometimes explicitly but often implied statements: “you don’t matter(,)” “you have no credibility” and above all “I can’t hear or see you.” Speaking up means opening yourself up for versions of all of this, sometimes from people you previously really trusted and cared about.

The current anti-immigration stuff is just racism. I emigrated here. I’m a US citizen. I’m also a Ashkenazi Jewish Canadian. Some Americans don’t even want to accept that I’m an immigrant or that it’s a different country.

I’m actually very optimistic. America is starting to see itself a little bit more. The racism, the misogyny, the mistrust in the U.S. government, the economic worry, everything we heard on the Billy Bush/Trump tape: None of the crap is new. Now it’s more visible.