Heather, 53

This is my first presidential election. I've been in the U.S. for most of the last twenty-six years. 

I'd had a green card for eight years and realized last Fall that it was going to be very important to vote in the upcoming election. 


I put in my calendar last year when the last day I could register to vote in Oregon was and worked toward that, submitting my application, etcetera. I became a U.S. citizen on March first, and was able to vote for Hillary in the Oregon Primary. I think I would be losing my mind if I wasn't voting this election cycle.

As a Canadian, I would try and find friends who weren't registered voters and encourage them to vote. This election, I would encourage all women to vote and ensure that all the women in their lives are voting.

The civility in politics has gone out the window, and it feels like there's an actual threat to speaking out. I live in a red part of Oregon, and I haven't seen one Hillary sign here. I wouldn't feel safe putting a sign on our lawn, or a sticker on my car.

The events of the last few months have somehow turned over a rock and revealed what's going on beneath in the GOP in all its ugly glory. Women have an opportunity to stick a knife in the patriarchy.