Heather, 30

I never thought we could come this close to truly authoritarian leadership, and whatever complacency I had around that is gone. 

A couple of months ago, a friend of a friend "grabbed me by the pussy" at a dark show and started rubbing me from behind. I barely knew him, and had never had any kind of sexual interaction with him whatsoever. He was a little older and clearly felt entitled to my body. I was shaken and embarrassed and left without saying anything to my friends. 

Watching so many men dismiss Trump's remarks as silly locker room banter is horrifying.

In college, my geology professor taught my class that climate change was a hoax, and I took his word for it. I changed my mind when I saw great evidence to the contrary.

No one should be shocked to see that Hillary has been held to a much, much higher standard than other candidates, especially her unprecedentedly unqualified opponent. I don't think the reasons for that are a riddle worthy of Nancy Drew.

A few of my friendships have been severely affected by political discussion this year, and I've made no attempt to smooth over these core issues and make everyone comfortable, as women are conditioned to do. I'd rather have them out in the open and be more thoughtful about the communities I choose in the future. 

I've never been less afraid to burn bridges for what I believe in.