Jane, 25
Product Marketing Manager
North Carolina

This country has made so much progress, and yet is still so behind on setting a bar where men and women are equal. In the U.S.: equal pay, abortion, gender issues, maternity leave. Abroad: from sex trafficking to lack of access to education—I wish the list of issues was shorter.

Instead of yelling an Obama-esque "YES WE CAN" or better yet: "YES SHE CAN," I can only find the strength to say "no he (Trump) can't." This election was tarnished by Donald Trump and I think that Americans — especially women — are exhausted.

It is exhausting. It's exhausting to have to stand up for a woman, with so many people asking for extra validation that she's worthy. It's exhausting to watch her continuously have to stand confident and calm, when this election has brought women emotions that are the exact opposite. It's exhausting that even though her confidence and level-headedness should be admired, they're questioned because she's a woman.

It's become an election about keeping Trump out of the White House—as opposed to an election that celebrates welcoming Hillary, a woman!, into the White House.

I made a promise to myself to find the positive in all of this. Like, hello, we're about to have a lady president! Onward!