Justine, 45
Communications Manager

On reproductive rights alone, in 2011, 135 provisions restricting abortion access were enacted in thirty-six states, a direct result of elections that yielded conservative representation.

I am someone who had an abortion that saved my life, because it allowed me to sever a relationship with an abusive husband.

Hillary, as we have been told time and again, is a flawed candidate because of her length of time in public service, her complicated marriage to Bill Clinton, her sustained climb to elitism, etcetera, ad nauseum.

She’s potentially our first female president, and she’s being subjected to withering apathy rather than outright joy, which is a direct result of the scrutiny she's been under.


Besides voting for Hillary, get involved on the local level. I would like to see women take back city, county, and statewide offices.

I used to be much more moderate than I am now. As I age, I am getting more radical. I am happy about that.