Kat, 25
Graphic Designer
New York

My mother came here from Korea with nothing, and worked herself to the bone to ensure I went to good schools and grew up in a safe place. I'm the first person to graduate college with a bachelor's degree on my dad's side, and now have a higher salary at 25 than either of my parents did at my age.

Conservatives bemoan the loss of America—"make America great again" and all that. Guess what, they're bemoaning my success, my family's story.

We have lost the ability to debate. Our ability to agree to disagree is disappearing.

That feeling now exists throughout my day, amplified by the media circus. This election has affected my body. My shoulders are always half up – ready to cringe at the latest tweet, soundbite, or senseless Facebook rant I happen to stumble across.

We’re uncomfortable with a woman looking for a promotion.


I think people of both genders are having to come to terms with their own sexism.

My dream isn't a steady job and a white picket fence, those days are over. My dream is a celebration of diversity, of an inclusive society that leads our globalized world on the most pressing issues of our time. We're all connected, and I embrace that.