Katherine, 27
Grad Student


I've been writing down every creepy invasive experience I've had with men, and it was terrifying to realize how early it started, maybe eight?

That clip of Donald Trump joking he would date a ten-year-old girl in ten years — you hear her uncomfortably laugh — was so deeply disturbing to me. There's something about that experience that represents a dynamic that many women face; they know they are being desired before they ever learn to desire. 

I don't know a lot of Trump or undecided voters, and I don't believe they are persuadable.

I've always been liberal/progressive, but in the primary, I noticed how much more I was interested in someone who could get the job done as opposed to someone who could express my ideological perspective. 

It's crazy to me that we have probably the most competent presidential candidate positioned against the least competent presidential candidate, and there are still people who are undecided or voting against her.

In 2008, I made a last minute decision to vote for Obama in the primary; he had so much charisma and was really energizing young people and people of color. I don't regret the decision to vote for him, and I think he's been amazing, but I do think charisma needs to be less of a focus for picking presidential candidates.

Economically, I think I value the things Bernie did more; I just personally didn't think he had the ability to get them done, and is a bit of an idealist who's never had to pound the pavement.  It's hard to change minds and implement policy. 

Oddly, and perhaps uncomfortably, I trust Hillary.

I know it's strange to trust a politician, but I do.