Krista, 37
Team Lead

I was raised in a very conservative Southern Baptist household. At my church, my music teacher mother was allowed to lead choir practice on Wednesdays if the director was absent… but she wasn't allowed to be in the pulpit to lead them on Sunday mornings. Only a man could do that.

I am very aware of GOP viewpoints, and was raised to believe these were the core values of America.

To watch my personal worth become increasingly devalued in the eyes of the Republican party has been heartbreaking.

My parents are both voting for Trump and I don't know that my relationship—with my father in particular—will ever be the same. It hurts.


I'm so tired of people talking about how she's untrustworthy, but they're somehow willing to believe a man that gets caught in blatant lies almost every single day?

My daughter is 8 years old, and she currently has no idea that in some situations she may be viewed as less capable, less important, less worthy. She only knows that she can do whatever her male peers can do — and she can!