Liz, 33
Community Manager

I see Trump's campaign for presidency as a green light to the American public to hate, to discriminate and to push out—and Latinos are a major target of that.

I've had actual nightmares about my family living under a Trump presidency. Ever since Trump called Mexicans rapists and thieves, which was early on in the campaign, I've become full of anger and anxiety every time I hear or see him in media.

His sexual assault comment was excruciating. I can't bear to hear even a mention of his name. I've heard some say he has become a trigger for them, and that is exactly how I feel.

Seeing Hillary have to run against Donald Trump is painful. The fact that she has to run against someone who can barely pass as anything more than a caricature, who barely makes sense when he speaks, who resorts to smear campaigning, is disappointing.

She's not just a good candidate, she's a great candidate.