Meghan, 29
Law Student

It makes me sad that seemingly all of the joy of the first woman president has been eclipsed by so much fear mongering and hate.

We can’t afford to have a president that can’t deal with the complexity and diversity of their own country.

America is tired of politics as usual. Americans see the wealth gap widening, they see education costs going up and hurting them economically, they see police killings, corporate greed, an inactive Congress, the racial backlash of the Obama administration.

Hillary does represent the establishment. As a progressive woman, it has been hard for me to really get excited about Hillary. While she is a woman, she does not necessarily have that much in common with me when it comes to identity politics.

It’s a misconception that just being of the same race or gender is enough reason to support a candidate. 


There are so many things that make people who they are, and just because you are a woman does not automatically mean that you and Hilary are aligned. In America we don’t acknowledge the complexity of identity. 

I want her to be president, but there is so much that has not been discussed. I want to hear Hillary talk about gentrification, closing private prisons, criminal justice, rape culture. We can't do that in this political climate, because Hillary is facing the lowest common denominator with Trump and all of this stale, ignorant rhetoric.

I know this election has been particularly tiresome, awful, and discouraging but this is a historic moment that we all deserve.

Women have only been able to vote for ninety-six years, and we already have a candidate for president! I really feel like this election is a choice of voting for the future or the patriarchal past. I say let's choose the future!