Michelle, 28
Design Program Manager


Women have taken the microphone this election. There is a powerful upwelling of emotion around ethics and beliefs in our communities that have provoked women to speak up. 

In a dream world, I'll never have to read about our president's looks or stamina again. Women care about real issues. Women care about the health of the nation. Women do not care about Hillary's fine lines, or serious tone of voice. 

I've had to reflect on my sexual assaults and trauma throughout my lifetime. I’ve read hundreds of stories of women sharing their experiences for the first time as a result of the Republican candidate’s predatory actions. In reopening these wounds, I've realized that it was powerful to share with the women around me that I was molested at age five, and faced many other assaults throughout my life.

If we hold these stories in, we normalize the predatory actions into our society.

I'm excited to help write history and show that the American dream is possible for women. Hard work can bring you success, and no matter how hard our system tries to hold women back, we are strong and have the power to lead. 

I grew up in church, which is a very sexist environment. I had to let go of my religion in order to find my own voice in the world. I don't discourage others from seeking community or connection with a higher power. However, from an early age I had feminist feelings, and knew I would not be successful in that environment. 

We all have to be compassionate. Our future as a nation requires a great deal of healing, which we can only achieve together. We can't cultivate equality in our nation without bringing the opposing side along with us. We need everyone to fight for human rights and unity for this whole thing to work. 

If you think women deserve equality in the world, vote. If you believe that violence is not the answer, vote.

If you think we can achieve more through optimism than fear, vote. Vote for hard work.