Natalie, 31
Architectural Designer

I have never considered myself political, but this year I found myself volunteering for Clinton's campaign for a weekend in Ohio. And, the thought of calling, let alone knocking on strangers' doors, would have made me cringe before.

I have always been cognizant that I am "other" when it comes to my American identity.

It’s one thing to learn in preschool the notion of race, and how my race was considered other, or a negative. It is another for the potential leader of my country to fuel the fire of adults who think I am any less American than they are.


My grandparents, who gained citizenship years back, are still met with ugliness by others. They have been called wetbacks while on their morning walks. My fear is that by Trump winning, ugly behavior towards minorities will only increase as our country's mouthpiece would fuel their sentiments and condone that behavior.

Yeah, Hillary isn’t perfect. But, really, is she any less perfect than any of the Presidents that preceded her? Women should vote for Hillary because she is the more qualified candidate. It's just a bonus that she's female. It's quite sad it's taken this long for a female to get this far.

Is she as charismatic as Obama? Will we see videos of her playing Operation? Would I want to listen to her summer Spotify playlist? Probably not. But she shouldn’t be put down because she acts stoic. I can't imagine the obstacles or words of hate that have been thrown at her throughout her political career.

I have family members who claim, due to their deep Catholic faith, that Clinton is America's worst option for the presidency. These are family members whose own fathers and mothers immigrated here from Mexico. I have found it hard to engage in person with them.