Ren, 32
UI Engineer

There's no longer any room for respectful disagreement. There are people in my immigrant family still voting for Trump, and I don't even know what to say anymore. They think he will protect American jobs, and I have to be like, "We're brown! He's not protecting our jobs. We're the job stealers!"

Stop making excuses for men like Trump. It's really not okay.

Everything about Hillary is examined under a microscope. I don't see anyone hacking Trump's emails, leaking more than three pages of tax records, or making a big stink about his health. I don't see anyone criticizing his having five children with three women. Meanwhile, she is being judged for things Bill did that have already been investigated, tried in court, and brought to Congress. Come on, now.

This election cycle has brought a lot of bigotry and discrimination back into public discourse, and it makes me uncomfortable. A vote for Trump is a nod of approval toward this behavior.

This country is diverse and has so many needs, but limited resources. You have to find solutions that help the greater good even if sometimes they don't align with your ideals.

Hopes and dreams are nice, but plans are better.