Ritu, 35
Nonprofit Executive

I’ve been phone banking, organizing grassroots events, and canvassing in Reno to do everything in my power to make a positive contribution. 

A shocking number of my friends have shared with me that they don't want to cause discord at home with a significant other, or parent, or family member, so while they plan on supporting Hillary, they can't be open or vocal about it on social channels.

One of my friends posts images from almost all her experiences online, and yet not a peep for a Clinton event she attended and supported very generously. Not one mention, not one photo. I was astounded.

I am still in shock that in 2016 we have to watch who we support, especially somebody who is an exceptionally qualified, experienced, educated, and in comparison to the vulgarity, obscenity and disgrace of a candidate like Trump.

Women need to get out and join positions of influence on city councils, school boards and more, and develop a strong pipeline of talent in public sector influencing the public policy environment on all issues, especially issues like infrastructure, development, workforce and healthcare, many of which are traditionally underrepresented by women. 

A single action you take in complete privacy of your polling booth, with no bullying or social pressure, can change the direction of this country for the betterment of everyone! 

Don't give up your voice, don't give up your right that our mothers and grandmothers fought so hard to get for us.


This is my first election as a U.S. citizen, and I am so proud to cast my first US Presidential election vote for Madam President!