Soumya, 27

My parents fought so hard to be a part of this country. They take voting so seriously — especially because they know what it's like to live in a corrupt country with rampant poverty.

For me, the Black Lives Matter movement is one of the most significant social movements I have ever been close to. 

I think history will look back on this election as a pivotal moment in the fight for equality in America. 


Growing up, I had everything and mostly took it for granted. This election has made me realize that all of the things that I took for granted as an American are actually incredibly dear to me — and those are under assault. 

Being brown skinned in this country, especially post 9/11, has never been easy. Feeling self conscious at airports, seeing Indians with turbans mistaken for terrorists, and more has always hurt me deeply.

I am much more vocal about my point of view now, even when it's harder to be. What changed? Being exposed to people and groups who need others to speak up for them. Being around privileged people who have no idea what it feels to live a day in skin that isn't white or as a woman.