Stef, 46

I’m a single mama of three—two girls and a boy. My children are part of the first generation to reallybelieve that girls can grow up to do and be anything. For my girls especially, they equate being a girl with success, power, awesomeness, strength, and creativity.

It is so important to me that Hillary be president to show that a qualified person gets the job. 

I can't remember an election that had been so negative and psychologically damaging to our country. The last debate brought up instances of assault I had forgotten about. Do you know how hard it is to talk to your twelve and fourteen year olds about assault? That it will likely happen to them, and they can and should fight back, but that there are many reasons why women don't? And I would understand if they didn't? I had that conversation last week, and I was in tears. 

I was a Green Party member who voted for Nader. That got us eight years of Dubya. I'll never make that mistake again. 


She has been inspiring in the face of smears and lies. The media has not been kind. I cannot wait until she is president.